Top Quality Radiant Heating Mats at Rock Bottom Prices

ClearZone radiant snow melting cable pre-spaced in mat. ComfortTile radiant floor heating mat. WarmTrax portable snow melting traction mat.
ClearZone snow melting systems logo.

Regarded as one of the most reputable snow melting cables on the market today, ClearZone heat cable is a proven, versatile snow melting solution that can be used for a variety of applications. The heat cable can withstand the stress of fresh concrete pours and the extreme temperatures of hot asphalt installations.

ComfortTile radiant floor heating mats.

Warmzone ComfortTile Electric Floor Heating Systems combine the highest comfort levels with maximum energy efficiency and reliable performance. The ComfortTile heated floor systems feature proven technology that offers safe, quiet, maintenance-free heating for your home.

WarmTrax portable snow melting traction mats and stair treads.

WarmTrax portable snow melting traction mats and stair treads are excellent alternatives to labor-intensive snow removal methods or using salt and other harsh snowmelt chemicals. The convenient snow melting mats are also a cost effective alternative to installing an embedded radiant heat system.