About Warmzone

Warmzone, A Trusted Leading Provider of Radiant Heat Solutions

View of Salt Lake City and Wasatch Mountain Range. Warmzone was created to match customers to the best radiant heat products and prices available. As a leading provider of radiant floor heating and snow melting solutions, Warmzone constantly searches for the latest radiant heat technology to provide customers with outstanding quality solutions, unparalleled service and convenience, and preferred pricing.

Radiant heat is still relatively new to most residents in the United States, but it has been widely used in other parts of the world. At Warmzone our goal is to conveniently provide clear information through our website. Our experienced consultants will work with you and guide you to the ideal system for your needs. We offer sincere, non-biased recommendations based on your requirements and what makes the most sense, from small remodeling projects to large commercial construction.

While the hydronics technology has gained the most recognition in North America, we have found a variety of other energy efficient solutions that utilize electricity. This is where Warmzone uses experience to understand your needs, and our experts will propose a radiant heat system that will provide the results you dreamed of without the hassle of weeks of research. We have formed relationships with companies worldwide that we consider to be the best in their class. Warmzone is proud to offer the highest quality, proven products at the best prices available - all in a quick and convenient manner. When it comes to radiant heat, you won't find a more knowledgeable, helpful and friendly staff.